Museum Day 2007

SuperGen Marine Energy Research
Royal Museum, Edinburgh - 12th October 2007

Programme - morning

Programme - afternoon

Poster session

Brian Sellar Providing Sea Surface Elevations for Marine Energy Converters using Novel Optical Fibre Sensor
Henry Jeffrey, Scott Couch Development of Tidal Energy Device Performance Protocols
Dr Aristides Kiprakis Offshore Energy Conversion and Power Conditioning
Thomas Boehme Network Interaction of Marine Energy
Thomas Boehme Matching Renewable Electricity Generation and Demand in Scotland
Tom Davey Modelling Extreme Responses in Shallow Water
Mathew Topper Potential Flow Model for Hydrodynamic Interaction between Tidal Turbine, Wake and Free-Surface
D. Mignard Chemical Storage and Conversion of Marine Energy
Helen Bailey Nonlinear Modelling of Power Take Off (PTO) in Wave Energy Converters (WEC)
Gregory Payne A modular graphical user interface for WAMIT
Gareth Gretton The Hydrodynamic Design of a Tidal Current Turbine
Gregory Payne Control Strategy for Testing Wave Energy Converters: A Real-Time Experimental Platform
Ben Child Optimising the Performance of WEC Arrays
Ally Price Non-linear methods for next wave estimation
Michelle Gilmartin The Economic and Social Impact of New Marine Technologies for the Production of Electricity
Xiaojing Sun Establishment & Assessment of Laboratory Testing Procedures of Tidal Current Energy Devices
John Ruscoe Predictive Methods for the Evaluation of Ecological Change in the Proximity of MECs


  • EPSRC for initial and continuing support
  • Partners and collaborators in SuperGen Phase 1
  • RAs and doctoral students for all of their efforts
  • New partners and affiliate universities in Phase 2
  • The Royal Museum and its team for this splendid venue and food
  • The 'night-shift' that produced the monograph: Rudra Kapila, Jim O'Donnell, Henry Jeffrey, Scott Couch
  • Brian Sellar and the poster-makers for the display today
  • Pauline Clark for dealing with administration and registration.